ABAC – a short history:

Eng. Antonio Balma, who has spent his life in the compressed air industry, founded the Balma Compressors Company in 1948 and then created ABAC in 1980. ABAC has become a strong and dynamic company that is now part of the Swedish international Atlas Copco group. Thanks to the long and hard work of the entire team, the company has secured the position of a world leader in the production and distribution of air compressors for industrial, professional, semi-professional sectors, but also for DIY enthusiasts.

All production covered by the EN ISO 9001 certificate, uses the latest techniques in the technological process – using a high degree of automation – continuous investments in innovation, as well as improvements in the production process. Rapid response to changing market requirements and reliable and efficient after-sales services are the factors that have enabled ABAC to shape such a strong position in its industry. “Listening to the customer” has always been the core of the company’s business.
Compressor offer

A wide range of compressors provides a complete solution for all compressed air users. The company offers a large selection of reciprocating compressors and screw compressors (from 1 kW and 620 kW), using both oil-free and oil-free technologies. In addition, ABAC has a full range of accessories such as dryers, filters, pneumatic tools and accessories.

AW-Tools is an authorized distributor of the ABAC brand.

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