Boston Wire Stitch Company was founded in 1896 and produced machines for wire stitching books, calendars, hat boxes, etc. In the original machines, ready-made staples were used, which were fed individually along the sewing track. The development of staples joined with paper and then glue gave rise to packaged fasteners, which significantly increased productivity.

As more and more staplers were developed, the company also changed its name to BOSTITCH. These first packaged staples paved the way for today’s STANLEY BOSTITCH range, which now includes tape and package nails, stick nails, staples, buckles and clips.

With the acquisition of the Calwire Company in 1961, a stapler and nailer company, BOSTITCH moved to the wood fastening market. Then he introduced new innovative products, such as the world’s first nailing machine for nails in coils, which revolutionized the pallet industry, and the asphalt nail nailer, designed for the construction industry.

The acquisition of BOSTITCH by Stanley gave birth to the STANLEY BOSTITCH brand, now known worldwide for its joining techniques.

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