One day in 1945, the young visionary and self-taught undertook an extremely ambitious plan. With his modest means, Félix Flisch bought an old watch dial factory in Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane, a green corner located at the foot of the mountains in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel, and designed an unusual pruning shear… FELCO was born.

Its innovation was that it was made of aluminum for lightness, had a very precise cutting head adjustment system, and also offered an ergonomic handle. After the first trial edition, the FELCO 2 was presented in 1948

The FELCO 2 owes its innovation not only to its weight and precision, but also to the fact that all its components are interchangeable, which makes it possible to quickly replace a component in the event of wear. Handles made of aluminum, a material difficult to obtain in post-war times, are a guarantee of quality.

Over the years, the demand for the FELCO 2 has been steadily increasing and with it the production plant is growing. Founded in 1945 with just a few collaborators, FELCO today has more than 200 employees who contribute to the FELCO 2 ethos.

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