Fabryka Narzędzi "GLOB" Sp. z o.o. is a company with many years of experience. It was established in 1996 on the basis of the "POLSPORT" Ski Lift Factory.

GLOB production includes:

  • Blades: manual, machine, angled, bayonet.
  • Band knives and cutting tapes.
  • Band saws for cutting wood, band saws for cutting metal.
  • Knives for planers, industrial knives.
  • Attachment system for angle grinders, suitable for various applications: grinding, polishing, tarnishing, etc.
  • Abrasives for attachments and power tools.
  • Saws: payers, transverse, gardening.
  • Wood planes: angles, graders, rip-offs, trackpads.
  • Ski lifts: high rope guidance, low rope guidance, portable, water, parts (repairs, upgrades).

The high quality of manufactured tools means that the rank of the company is still growing, and its products are exported to many European countries (Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia), countries of North Africa and Asia.

AW-Tools is an authorized distributor of the GLOB brand.

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