“If I hadn’t invested in automated grinding equipment from Norton, the Model T would have cost thousands of dollars, instead of less than $300.”

– Henry Ford

This is the second part of one of the most famous quotes in the world: “If we asked customers what they needed, they would say a faster horse, because they did not know what a car actually was.” More than 100 years have passed since Henry Ford summed up his success and our participation in it, and it still reflects the essence of our company: we create tools that affect the effects of our clients’ work. To reduce costs, to the precision of workmanship, to the time of work. And this effect is always crowned with satisfaction.

You may be surprised to know that we are not a brand that has always produced abrasives. Our story begins with Mr. Norton and… functional ceramics. One day, he gave his employee the idea to use the process of firing ceramics in a kiln to produce something else. Hundreds of attempts have led to a surprising result: the creation of a grinding wheel that allows for extremely precise metal shaping. It was not the first grinding wheel in the world, but it was innovative and perfectly suited to the needs of the growing industry. Its predecessors were makeshift – pieces of wood covered with glue and polishing grains, so the difference was significant. Mr. Norton showed intuition and cunning and took care of the patent.

So the first managers made a commitment for the next ones: create for those who are smart like Norton, who do not want to bother and achieve an effect, who do not want to waste time and choose innovations that solve problems.

Only such customers allow the company to develop. We have 135 years of learning, testing, gaining knowledge about how the most convenient product for you should work. We have developed over 380 patents and innovations, and – also thanks to you – this is not our last word.

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