Since its foundation in 1909, REMS has been constructing equipment for pipe processing, especially for sanitary and heating contractors. First they were hand tools, then machines and power tools. The motto of company founder Christian Föll "REMS must be better" has always been an exponent of all actions. Today, REMS is a leading manufacturer of machines and tools for pipe processing.

REMS designers find convincing, forward-looking solutions that facilitate the work of professional installers. They have all relevant requirements in mind and at the same time use extensive practical experience. Experts from all departments of the company ensure that every opportunity for improvement is included in the new product. In this way, excellent tools are created, used in difficult conditions on construction sites. REMS products are used all over the world and highly valued for their innovative technique and high quality standard. Both trade and users benefit from this.

With its innovative products, REMS remains at the forefront of technical progress at all times. This fact is proven by obtaining many domestic and foreign patents.

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