In 1998, the American DANAHER TOOL GROUP founded SATA in Shanghai.

It is a brand characterized by high quality workmanship and used hand tool materials at an attractive price. SATA was one of the first in the industry to provide a lifetime warranty on its hand tools, which undoubtedly testifies to the high quality and durability of the tools.
SATA tools incorporate a number of the latest solutions developed by the DANAHER TOOL GROUP. During the production of tools, very thorough quality control is carried out, as evidenced by compliance with the ISO 9002 standard. All SATA tools meet American ANSI and German DIN standards.

Within a few years, SATA tools have shaped and conquered the Asian tool market, where they are now a "key player". The expansion of SATA products to other global markets continues, min. in Poland. The variety of SATA products gives the possibility of a wide range of applications from car workshops to renovation and construction works. Thanks to their durability, reliability, precision of workmanship, high-quality materials, modern construction solutions and other advantages, they will certainly win our domestic market.

A characteristic and traditional SATA product are flat eyelet wrenches with GEARWRENCH® ratchet. The advantage of this solution is a strong rack and pinion mechanism, allowing for a small, only 5 degrees rotation of the wrench. However, the small mesh size allows access to very tight places. The patented Surface DriveTM ring tip for combination wrenches helps you work quickly and easily with threaded connections, while minimizing screw head damage. These and many other innovative, yet simple and functional solutions, high durability unparalleled in other tools, large number of elements, easy-to-use quick-clamping rattles, ergonomic and non-slip handles, as well as many other advantages will be appreciated by customers when working with SATA hand tools.

AW-Tools is an authorized distributor of SATA brand.

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