The German company Electrostar Schottle GmBH & co., the owner of the Starmix brand, is one of the three largest manufacturers of industrial vacuum cleaners in the world and a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners cooperating with power tools. Also in the offer of many well-known brands of power tools you can find vacuum cleaners produced by Electrostar (so-called OEM products). Many years of experience of engineers translated into high and consistent quality of Starmix vacuum cleaners. They use many innovative and functional solutions that have been patented.

The entire production line is located in the German town of Reichenbach near Stuttgart, the company employs about 150 people and has existed since 1921.

The leading part of the Starmix range are vacuum cleaners for specialized applications (IS series), designed for heavy work with "difficult" waste, e.g. grinding dust, drill dust, wood dust, flour and even asbestos. Starmix vacuum cleaners of the IS series are mainly bagless, designed for continuous operation. Further product ranges are: HS series (universal industrial and workshop vacuum cleaners) and GS series (hotel vacuum cleaners, household vacuum cleaners).

Starmix puts emphasis on obtaining the best results of work while meeting the standards of filtering classes, i.e. dust retention. It has vacuum cleaners in class L, M and H. We are constantly working on improving Starmix vacuum cleaners and searching for new solutions, which results in new products appearing in the Starmix offer (e.g. a specialized firefighter's vacuum cleaner equipped with a submersible pump).

AW-Tools is an authorized distributor of the STARMIX brand.

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