With full commitment we create safe solutions for professionals. Thanks to our knowledge and skills, we are constantly improving our offer, supporting our clients in the development of their business, and tool users in performing their daily work. We build business cooperation gradually and reliably, we ensure security in all fields of cooperation (technological, financial, service, etc.)

A trained and experienced team uses their skills to solve customer problems. If employees don’t know the answer “right away,” they know where to look for it. We know that sometimes you have to act quickly, that exceptional situations require changes. We are not afraid of challenges, although we estimate the risk with reason. We like innovation. We are at the disposal of our customers and support them with knowledge, skills and ideas. We find new methods of operation if the existing ones do not work.

We are constantly looking for novelties, looking at innovations and technological progress. Before we introduce the device to the offer, we test it in the harshest conditions and subject it to very difficult tests. All devices have full certification, allowing their use in the European Union. In the company, we strictly follow the principles of the Labor Code.

AW-Tools is an authorized Distributor of ADLER.

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