Rafał Olechno
Service manager
Phone no: +48663810360
email: reklamacje@aw-narzedzia.com.pl

Sławińskiego Street 10,
15-349 Białystok

Working hours:
Mon – Fri 7am–5pm

Jakub Mogielnicki or Łukasz Staniszewski
tel: +48856631410 ext. 702
e-mail: reklamacje@aw-narzedzia.com.pl

You should report all defects related to the goods to the Complaints Department. Each complaint should be submitted to the following email address: reklamacje@aw-narzedzia.com.pl

Each email should contain fault description and copy of purchase invoice should be attached. Also, could you please specify are you refer to the manufacturer’s warranty or non-compliance of goods with the contract.

In the case of transport damage it is necessary to send photos showing the damage and a damage report made in the presence of the courier to the following address: reklamacje@aw-narzedzia.com.pl

Sławińskiego Street 10,
15-349 Białystok

Working hours:
Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm

tel1: +48 85 875 07 78
tel2: +48 85 748 01 62 ext.2
e-mail: serwis@aw-narzedzia.com.pl

AW-Narzędzia offers professional service of power and petrol tools as well as professional maintenance services during the warranty and post-warranty periods, periodic inspections of power tools and petrol equipment.

  • warranty repairs,
  • post-warranty repairs,
  • small repairs,
  • warranty inspections,
  • periodic inspections,
  • knife sharpening,
  • chain sharpening,
  • ongoing maintenance,
  • spare parts, oils, greases.
  • Awtools
  • Graco
  • Kupczyk (compressors),
  • Makita
  • Master
  • Nac
  • Awtools,
  • Black&Decker,
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Flex
  • Fein
  • Graco
  • Hikoki,
  • Kupczyk (compressors)
  • Makita
  • Master
  • Metabo
  • Milwaukee
  • Nac
  • Starmix