The JUCO company exists on the basis of family blacksmith traditions.

In 1958 it was founded by Józef Światłoń. Later, the company was taken over by sons Janusz and Wiesław. The dynamic development of the company began in the late eighties and continues to this day. At that time, we started the production of several dozen types of hand tools. After using the best technology, we produce over 600 professionally made products in various varieties. To meet the needs of our customers, we have created three versions of tools: traditional, standard, lux. Traditional products are produced according to old technologies of very good quality in the lowest price range. These are products for customers who are interested in high quality and traditional aesthetics. Goods marked with the LUX brand often exceed the quality of many recognized companies while ensuring attractive prices. These are electric, locksmith and construction tools. We have received a quality certificate for all tools.

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